The Christiaan Barnard Trio, aka Le Trio de Christiaan Barnard.

Originally set up as an outlet for tunes I was writing that were not suitable for Monmon in 2011.

I play guitar, bouzouki, bass, drums, harmonica and programme/sample.

Quite a bit of it is in French - Monmon didn't like me singing in French, which is fair enough, but I enjoy being able to sing in two languages. Being bilingual to any degree is, ultimately, a very pleasurable thing. Something to do with synapses...

As well as original songs I've also covered some chanson (Piaf &Gainsberg) and some other big songs, so as to pull them apart and work out how they fit back together.








LP 2013

Dolls MP3

Mary, Mary MP3

Herb of Grace MP3

Julie T MP3

Helen MP3

The Camden Lock Song MP3

Second-hand MP3

+ covers of

She Moved through the Fayre (Traditional via Davy Graham)

Ae Fond Kiss (Robbie Burns) MP3

Goodnight Irene (Leadbelly) MP3

Padam Padam (Edith Piaf) MP3

Saint James Infirmary Blues (Trad, via Louis Armstrong) MP3

The Wild Mountain Thyme (William McPeake) MP3

Les feuilles Morts (écrit par Prévert et Kosma en 1945.)

La Chanson de Prevért" (Serge Gainsbourg) MP3

Christiaan Barnard Trio "no soy de aquí ni soy de allá" by Facundo Cabral. Recorded the night he was killed.

Rocket Man written & recorded by elton john & bernie taupin in 1972.
CBT version recorded in LS6 aug 2011

More Elton/Taupin - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Decent cover of the R. Dean Taylor Classic; Holland/Dozier/Holland/Taylor 1967

Holland/Dozier/Holland/Taylor 1967. Motown. Of course.
The first clubs I went to in my teens were Northern Soul All-Nighters and I still have a Lambretta...

Miscellaneous TCB3 songs

Works a Treat MP3

A New Tattoo

It’s Taking too Long MP3

Kayak MP3

Pony Club Blues (Hendrix/Bonham mash up) MP3

Smack -I seem to have lost this Track...


Where You Gonna Go When You’ve Sold all the Silver? MP3

Style - featuring a sample of Charles Bukowski MP3

Tu m'apportes de Bonnes Nouvelles de la Clinique MP3

Chanson des Pilules MP3

Obvious MP3

La Mouette MP3

La Bonne Poire MP3

Je Suis le Dinosaure MP3

N'Importe Quoi MP3

Are You Running? MP3


Fellrunners MP3


Into the Sea MP3



Fais de Beaux Reves MP3

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