Sneetches (UK)

Garage/Blues Trio.

I joined Jason Armstrong's new band around 1998. They were called 'Slack Elvis'
Niall Beatie was the song-writer and guitarist, and very good at both. I'm not sure if Tim Vickers was drumming, but I think he was.
I joined as rhythm guitarist. Niall left to set up his own graphic design business, and I stepped into singing duties.

I have some of their tracks but I'm not on any, so I can't post them.

We changed our name to 'Sneetches'. James Griffiths, an English graduate (who later wrote Jazz reviews for the Guardian) joined as drummer, and this was probably the most interesting ensemble of players I had been fortunate enough to write and perform with; we were taking the 3-piece band thing and chucking in Jazz, Morse Code and all sorts of experimental stuff, whilst still playing genre.


I sang and played Guitar

Sneetches UK








There's a band by the same name in the States so we were Sneetches (UK). That doesn't happen with internet now...

There is no footage nor any photos. It was never a part of our agenda, we just played. But here's a track.

Mist - the first track we recorded.


Andrew Mills: Guitar/Vocals
Jason Armstrong: Bass/Vocals
James Griffiths: Drums

Discography - MP3s attached.

Session One 1999


Session Two 2000


Session Three 2001

Swans (Pair for Life)
Never as Keen


Sneetches UK outtakes








Miscellaneous Sneetches Rehearsal Out-takes 2001 (rough and recorded on cassette tape live at Mainline rehearsal studios)

Nicotine Stains
Cuba Libra (The North Bar Song)
Dawn (acoustic demo)
Going to the Coast
Cold (acoustic demo)
Winter Sun (four track demo)