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I answered a Melody Maker advert for 'guitarist needed, preferably 12 string'. I played a Rickenbacker 12 string at the time so hitch-hiked up to Leeds and auditioned.

As rhythm guitarist for Salvation I had an intensive apprenticeship. They'd already recorded several singles and had a label and a manager. We toured the UK several times, supported many name bands, such as the Dead Boys, and I was involved with the writing of an E.P. 'All and More' that made the Independent top ten.



Here's the info from their site - SalvationHQ

All And More

All And More - 12' - front

Track Listing:



That's me with the star filter.

Salvation were close to signing a deal with IRS records when I left, as I wanted to try something different. I left, they signed to IRS and made an LP after me.

Salvation are still gigging.