Monmon Band


I joined Monmon in 2006. They were, at the time, a post-rock noise band; drums, bass and 2 guitars.
Monmon was always, essentially, David Nolan's group.

Monmon lasted for another ten years, in various line-ups.
I was originally just vocalist, then we lost a guitarist, Paul, so I became vocalist/guitarist.

Then we lost the bass player, Alan, so i became vocalist/bassist.

We recorded 6 E.P.s and an LP. we played several festivals and were championed by BBC6 and Tom Robinson in particular.
We went through a successsion of drummers, notably Ruebin, Matt and Michael, and at one point had a co-vocalist, Candy.

After Michael and Candy left we recorded our last EP with Sarah Statham from 'Esper Scout' as depping studio drummer and co-vocalist.
Monmon split in 2016.


David Nolan: Guitar 2004 - 2016

Midi: Bass 2004
Paul Hazelgrave: Guitar 2004 - 2007
Alan Dawson: Bass 2004 - 2009
Phil Leigh: Drums 2004 - 2006

Rueben Holmes: Drums 2006 - 2009
Mathew Hayward: Drums 2009 -2011
Michael Quarry: Drums 2011 - 2013
Candy Hayes-Quarry: Vocals 2012-2013
Sarah Statham (of Esper Scout) Studio Drums/Vocals - 2014

Andrew Mills:Vocals 2006 - 2013 /Guitar 2007- 2009/ Bass 2009 -2016

Discography - MP3 or video attached as appropriate.

Early Songs 2006 - recorded in a cellar by Paul Hazelgrave
monmon squat

Ninety Nine
Ouija Board
The Surprising Arm

Repetition with Variation E.P. 2008 - recorded at Hoolah Music By Mike Thrussell

monmon repetition with variation

No.1 King of the Slums MP3

Michael MP3

Telebhisean (this was played on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal!) MP3

Saturday Night in the Swim MP3

Monkey Fist EP 2009 Recorded by Ed Heaton

monmon monkey fist monmon

Monkey Fist MP3

- Original Version MP3

Knives - Re-recorded Version

Erato MP3

A Vase with no Eyes - MP3

Garage Rock LP 2010
- Recorded at 309 rehearsal Studios by Matt Ogden

monmon garage rockmonmon george

Whale/Baleine - here's the French language Version. MP3
We also recorded it in English here MP3

Roofie MP3

Leeds Brig, Sunday Morning MP3

Shudder MP3

Maybe; Then MP3

A Penny for your Thoughts MP3

Ring out the Bell, Lloyd MP3

Sheephanger Blues EP 2012 - Recorded at Greenmount. Remixed by Mills

monmon sheephanger blues monmon quarry

Punch Drunk MP3

Something; Anything MP3

Black Light MP3

Pop Disaster Noise EP 2013 - recorded at Eiger by Lee Malcolm. Miixed by Mills.

monmon pop disaster noisemonmon xmas

In The Shadow of Olympia MP3

Fullers Slade MP3

(Whatever Happened to) Happy-Go-Lucky? MP3

Neither Work nor Leisure EP 2013 - Recorded by Ed Heaton at Eiger and Mixed by Mills







Soupe au Lait MP3
(Not just another) Grind Show MP3
Eleanor Crosses - English Version MP3

Croix d'Éléonore (French Version) MP3 much better version


Pretty Little Thing E.P.2014 Recorded by Ed Heaton at Eiger and Mixed by Mills

monmon pretty little thingmonmon


Lady Lazarus MP3

Lilies MP3

Butchers MP3

Pretty Little Thing MP3

Monmon 2015 (unreleased demos)

Fuck You MP3

The One that Got Away MP3
60s Bastard MP3
Fellrunners MP3
The Breaking Arm MP3
If it Looks like an Elephant MP3