Andrew LCR

La Costa Rasa

I was still living around Salvation and their sound engineer Claire Shearsby helped me with many aspects of my next band. She was, indeed, a full time member of LCR.

La Costa Rasa was me on vocals and guitar and a Roland Tr-606 drum machine. I gigged as such but it was a bit rubbish; Jason Armstrong, who I met in Miss Selfridges café through a window advert, he joined and played bass. We were on the dole so rehearsed every day in our stinky cellar from 10.00 - 17.00. David de Bruyker joined us as guitarist. We rehearsed as much as we could, and Claire recorded us at local studios.

We were part of the then government's 'Arts Program' that allowed 'artistes' to be on the dole as long as they used the resource centre open to us, which of course we did. A percentage of our rehearsal time at not so smelly 'Mainline Studios' was funded by the scheme and we were given access to PCs to use during the day. It worked very well and several people I know now work as full-time musicians/educational jugglers from it.

I used to babysit/guard dog Jez Willis' (MDMA/Utah Saints) studio when he was DJing, so I learnt to sample and use cubase; I replaced theTR-606 with pre-recorded programmed tracks loaded onto a 4-track machine.

LCR were very much into a DIY approach to gigs; we would book small venues ourselves and put on our own shows, choosing bands to play with and running the night, fly-postering and leafleting the gigs around venues and the University. Of course we sought to practise as anti-sexist, anti-rascist and anti-homophobic.

We released a small run vinyl album 'The last of the Baby Boomers' by saving our dole money and getting work as painters and decorators. We saved to record, then to have the recordings mastered (at Porky's), then again for many months to press 100 white labels. It wasn't easy.

Andrew Eldritch from the Sisters of Mercy (a friend and producer of Salvation) came to a benefit gig we put on at Leeds Pub 'The Fenton' - he took on our LP and, with a few extra tracks, released it on his Merciful Release label, through Rough Trade.

We were simultaneously picked up by Far North Management.

We toured Europe as support to The Mission, thanks to Mick Brown, The Mission's drummer, who sponsored us and even put up the cash needed for our van hire for the month. I tried to repay him a year later he wouldn't take it.

We also toured Europe with The Sisters of Mercy, Monster Magnet and The Ramones. This was quite fun. Its not every day that Joey Ramone wanders into your dressing room, or you get to spend the evening in an old submarine factory hanging out with M.M.

We were liked in Europe but gigs in the UK were hard to get. I was offered a publishing deal for £1000 but I asked for more, I ended up without a publishing deal... possibly I should have taken it - who knows.

Rough Trade were a bit slack, and our LP wasn't released until after we'd toured Europe twice. Not great marketing to be honest.

We replaced the drum machines with a drummer by band consensus. LCR recorded a second LP but it wasn't what the label were about, of course as they were into technological stuff.

Management let us go as the record company wouldn't talk to them; MR let us go as they didn't like our demos, and, unable to get arrested, we eventually split in 1995.


Some MP3s attached as links to songs.



Vocals, Guitars and Programming                              Andrew Mills               1992-1995
The Bass Guitar                                                          Jason Armstrong         1992-1995
The Guitar                                                                  David de Bruyker        1992 - 1994
The Drums                                                                  Ian ‘Lucy’ O’Hare      1994-1995
The Drums                                                                  Tim Vickers                1995
Sound Engineer/Producer                                           Claire Shearsby           1992-1995

La Coata Rasa Duchess


Session One 'Esperanza' 1992 - Armstrong & Mills

Like a Machine
Get Real
Shine Out
Close Enough

Session Two 'Face the Horla' 1992 - Armstrong, De Bruyker & Mills

Fifteen Minutes
A Kind of Life
Burning Idols
Come On

Session Three 'Autopilot' 1993 - Armstrong, De Bruyker & Mills

Learning House
La Dernière Nuit Blanche

Session four 'Pots and Pans' (Eulogies) 1995 - Armstrong, Mills & O'Hare

Unreleased LP. We were signed to a technologically-determined-music based label after all. It wasn't their bag, Fair enough.

Tamasha - featuring Cathy Stoker, singer of Leeds band 'The Birthdays'.
Easy Kill (A Trip to Parnassis)
So What?
A Lesser Evil (The Utrecht Song)

Miscellaneous LCR Rehearsal Out-takes 1995

Red Roses Re-occurring
Bleed on Me (H)
Come Alone

Miscellaneous LCR Acoustic Demos

Postcard Note Hairlock
Hotel Snapshot #4
Dream, Suppression, Sleep
Hello Dad

Fourth Session 'Hateful' 1995 - Armstrong, Mills &Vickers. Unreleased.

New Dreams
Come On


This is Headband, from the LP 'Autopilot' with photos by Ian Cape.