zombie threadsZombie Threads is my first published book of Poetry,
the first edition was a limited edition of 50.

I have been composing lyrics and poetry since I was a child
and have written over 400 songs.

My work is influenced by Lowell, Plath, Sexton and Paulin,
as well as Rimbaud, Mallarmé and Verlaine.

I use post-modern confessional techniques to explore themes
of class, masculinity, feminism, sexuality and society in my immediate surrounds.
I use projections of self as subject/object.

"(The) poetry runs wild with his obsession with the minutiae of human life, observation and lost love.
His love for Sylvia Plath and the French masters is evident throughout his work.
Romantic and abundant with desire and a strong loyalty to the past.
Often humorous, but also poignant - his style is reaching an annihilating maturity and a sense of dynamism.
Graphic, sensual and vivid, his poetry is gripping and addictive.”

Dr George Rodesthenous - Associate Professor in Theatre Directing

I have two further collections awaiting publication as of Easter 2019